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13 Rare Dog Breeds We Didn’t Even Know Existed

Some things that are completely ordinary in one country may look exotic in the other one. In 2009, the film “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale” was released and the whole world found out about the Akita dog breed that is widespread in Japan. But there are some breeds that it’s difficult to come across even in their homeland. In this article, we would like to tell you about these breeds which include the “universal” dog that can do almost anything, and the cleverest dog that will try to run away despite all your attempts to make it stay.

We suggest you find out more about the most unusual dog breeds. Who knows, maybe soon everyone will be able to own a Catalburun.

The Carolina Dog

You can come across the Carolina dog in the South-Eastern part of the USA. It’s still unknown where these animals originate from: whether it was a wild dog originally or it just became wild like a dingo. Although these animals have gotten used to living by themselves, they are friendly and curious. That’s why some enthusiasts keep them as pets. These dogs don’t like the cold and they’re weaker and slower in comparison to ordinary dogs.

The Catalburun

The distinguishing feature of these dogs is their nose that looks like it has been separated into 2 parts. This breed originates in Turkey, but you probably won’t come across one there today. The main advantage of these dogs is their running speed, their endurance, and their great sense of smell. That’s why no one can beat them when it comes to hunting!

The Catalburun acknowledges only one master and is loyal to them, but it’s still very friendly to the other members of the family. It’s almost impossible to trigger aggression in these dogs. They usually show aggression only in cases when there are some small animals in their territory. Their prey drive is the reason for that. SHOW MORE

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