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Do you want instant access to browse and filter dog breeds in your seach for a new puppy or to expand your knowledge – even when you’re offline. The Dogsuniverse Dog Breed Selector for iPhone and iPad is the go to source of information on all dog breeds.

Get the Dogsuniverse Dog Breed Selector App on iTunes here!

The best dog breed selector app on the market
The Dog Breeds Selector app lets you browse more than 130 dog breeds with thoroughly researched, useful and unique descriptions, select favorites and access more information via the Dogsuniverse website. The app is updated with more dog breeds regularly and all descriptions are unique and written by Dogsuniverse’ experts.

Find the best dog breed for you with the filtering options
You can search and filter all of the dog breeds based on more than 30 characteristics such as height, shedding, hypoallergenic, suitable for apartment living, country of origin, temperament, guard dog capability, grooming, trainability, good with children, exercise need and many more traits and features. You can also see the dog breeds country of origin and how far back it traces its history.

Connect with the Dogsunvierse community
The Breed Selector app ties directly into the Dogsuniverse community website, where you can continue your research, connect with other dog owners, share pictures of your puppy and dog and participate in the forums.

Expand your knowledge of dog breeds or look up a dog breed on the fly
The Dog Breed Selector from Dogsuniverse is the perfect way to expand your knowledge about dog breeds and make sure that your next puppy will be the perfect dog breed for you and your family.

Features of the Dog Breed Selector app:

  • More than 130 dog breeds with unique descriptions and complete data (regular updates adding more dog breeds)
  • Search and filter the dog breeds based on more than 30 characteristics and traits
  • Add dog breeds that you like to your list of favorites so you don’t forget them
  • Fully compatible with iPhone and iPad
  • No internet connection required when using the app

Get the Dogsuniverse Dog Breed Selector App on iTunes here!

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