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RM 11-03
It was 2016. I remember sitting in a room where there were the most advanced and accomplished vintage car collectors in the world, including my friend who led her 250 GTO to the world-famous Chantilly. swiss replica watches,The person suddenly left the table. Because everyone, I mean, those who spend most of their time preparing racing costumes to take part in the race just want to touch and try Richard Mille’s new RM 11-03, a revision of one of his iconic models Version.

What’s different about watches? First of all, the case has become more angular, more aggressive and technical, adopts the rules of Rafael Nadal RM-27 worn in the competition, and stands out in the world’s number one Grand Slam event. It’s still a three-way box, fixed with 20 splined titanium screws made specifically for Mille. But the first thing I noticed is that the technical framework inside the movement has reached a whole new level. The highly processed automatic movement uses the same processing method, with a crazy titanium barrel, retaining the double barrel.

Similarly, the variable inertia automatic rotor cuts off all excess material until the only remaining skeleton structure of the swing block and the two platinum adjustable wings are left. The new pusher is formed in the form of an accelerator pedal and is surrounded by a carbon fiber shield made from NTPT. The crown is larger, more ergonomic, and has rubber elements printed with tyre patterns to enhance touch. The stagnation of traffic on this watch is simply staggering. But at the time I didn’t know it would also be one of the most coveted timepieces in human history.

RM 11-03 McLaren
One of the greatest things about Richard Mille is his tenacity. One of his most constant goals is to focus on material innovation, which makes his pioneering work on two materials possible. The first is Northply TPT (thin-layer technology) carbon fiber, which uses irregularly woven carbon fibers to form blocks one by one. The result is something that looks like marble, so each piece is unique due to the irregularity of the layers. It was then machined into the modular part of the box inside his manufacturing plant.

It is important to understand that this results in the surface hardness and strength of the case being much greater than the ubiquitous forged carbon case that is basically molded. I knew this because I swung my Mille carbon fiber bezel with a hammer, and although it bounced off the table completely under the impact, it was still completely unharmed. Mille also pioneered the use of Quartz TPT, which uses silica fibers in the same way to make lightweight, sturdy case components and has other aesthetic advantages of coloring to their own requirements.Hublot Ferrari replica Watches

The McLaren 11-03 watch, which celebrates the collaboration between Mylar and the legendary car brand, is particularly interesting because the case combines carbon and quartz to create a unique matte black and orange patterned case. Even better, the watch was initially only available to McLaren owners-talking about a rare circle. In addition to the completely unique case, the watch also features a titanium chronograph button similar to the McLaren 720S headlights and a rim-like crown. But apart from all the collaborative efforts that McLaren designer Rob Melville and Richard Mille engineer Namura worked together, this watch produced More revenue. Due to its unique form and bold stripe painting, an increasingly exclusive circle among car enthusiasts is a sign that can be clearly recognized throughout the room. Just like every 11-03, it is almost impossible.

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