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    The Green Bay Packers beat the Buffalo Bills badly on Sunday Cheap Rashan Gary Jersey , but no one was happy with the offense and with good reason. Six of those 22 points came on long field goals, and McCarthy seemed to settle for another long field goal attempt on the first drive, though Jamaal Williams was unable to gain sufficient yardage on a third-down play to try it.McCarthy settles a lot, and that’s becoming big problem because it costs the team possessions. There are two major philosophies about picking up first downs. The first, older philosophy captures the NFL standard for most of the 1980s and 90s, which holds that first and second downs are to be used to make 3rd down easier.A few four-yards runs on the early downs will give the team flexibility to either run or pass on 3rd and short, making for an easy conversion. The new philosophy holds that offenses are now so good (and defenses so restrained) that it’s more efficient to give yourself as many opportunities as possible to gain ten yards on an individual passing play, and that the vast majority of the time, any quarterback will complete a 10-yard pass before they are forced to punt.While you do need to run sometimes, just to prove that you might, the latter philosophy is far closer to optimal. We know that, on first down, a successful play must pick up at least 4 yards, and in reality that number is probably closer to 5. Your subsequent 2nd and 3rd down plays are really only successful if they pick up the first down, which means that if your first down play fails and leaves you with six yards to go or more, running is almost always a bad idea because runs don’t generally pick up big yardage. Smart teams know this.For instance Rashan Gary Jersey Womens , let’s look at the Rams, who are currently the cream of the crop in terms of football smarts. On 2nd or 3rd down, with 6 yards or more to go, and when the game is within one score, the Rams have passed 87% of the time. They have only run in this situation four times all season. It’s just not something they do. In the aggregate, their plays have been successful 52% of the time, while their passing plays have been successful 60% of the time. The Packers, on the other hand, still strive for balance in these scenarios. They have passed only 68% of the time and run 32% of the time. Those runs have only succeeded 1/3 of the time, and overall in these situations, the Packers only succeed 38% of the time. We tend to focus on 3rd down efficiency, but the Packers are basically pissing away plays and drives every time they do this. Despite the fact that the Packers have an all-time great quarterback, only seven teams pass less than the Packers in this situation, which is insane. On their first drive against the Bills, the Packers faced 2nd and 10 from the Buffalo 40-yard line. Either McCarthy or Rodgers called a run to Jamaal Williams, the worst Packer runner Rashan Gary Green Bay Packers Jersey , that lost a yard. Incredibly, on 3rd and 11, they went back to the same well, and Williams was stoned for no gain. Even if Williams hadn’t been completely stuffed, the best case scenario for those play calls was a slightly shorter but still long field goal attempt, which is hardly an ideal outcome. It is these pointless plays and drives that seems designed specifically to not score, which cause the offense such problems. The Packers then did this again in the 3rd quarter when up 19-0. The team faced 3rd and 10 and called a run to Ty Montgomery, which was stuffed for a loss of one. The Packers were forced to punt from their own 18, and the defense was fortunate to preserve the shutout.The fact of the matter is that smart teams don’t operate this way. They pass more frequently and with more success when a first down is still in doubt. The actual plays that were called against the Bills were not half bad, and the second drive of the game — which resulted in a touchdown — was a thing of beauty. But the problems with the offense are deeper than individual play design. They show a fundamental lack of football understanding. McCarthy’s focus on execution has always been about the trees, but much of the rest of the NFL now runs a hyper-efficient forest, and Mike just doesn’t see it.NFC North Fantasy Football Preview: Packers players you can risk it all on In the last article of the NFC North fantasy football preview, we’ll finally take a look into the Green Bay Packers for players you should definitely pick up early and often this fantasy season. There’s a lot to love about the Packers offense this season now that Rodgers is back in the fold. This is where I get to gush about the possibility of the Packers outscoring opponents at an impressive clip. We have already taken a look at the Bears, Vikings and Lions for players that you should avoid and draft.Let’s get to the first obvious “must draft” player:Aaron Rodgers, QB Rodgers is the most talented quarterback in the league, full stop. There’s a slight narrative surrounding Rodgers that he’s injury prone because he broke his collarbone last season Rashan Gary Jersey 2019 , but that’s hogwash. It’s not like Rodgers has issues with his knees or back. Broken bones happen in a sport where large men are colliding with other large men. And injuring himself in 2017 and then four years before that doesn’t exactly spell out injury prone in my eyes.While the pecking order for targets hasn’t been fully fleshed out completely, we can look to Joe Philbin returning as a sign of explosive offensive potential. Last time he was the Packers OC in 2011, Rodgers threw for 4,643 yards, 45 TD’s, and rushed for another three which allowed him to get close to 500 fantasy points. Granted, the pass catchers were phenomenal that year, but getting close would be worth the high-round pick.Right now, Rodgers is going in the late third round in PPR leagues while the next two QB’s—Deshaun Watson and Tom Brady— are going in the fifth round. There’s plenty of reason to wait on a quarterback this year, but if you draft your first two rounds well then there’s no reason not to draft one of the greatest red zone QB’s there has been.Davante Adams, WRCurrently, Adams is the WR7 so I shouldn’t have to pull your leg here. Instead, I’ll use this space to tell you why Adams is going to take an additional step this year. Before Week 6 last season, Rodgers and Adams connected on 23 completions, 285 yards, and four touchdowns. While Adams did most of his receiving yards damage after the bye White Rashan Gary Jersey , his touchdown rate dropped from four in five games to five in eight games without Rodgers. It’s very possible with a healthy Rodgers, Adams could’ve sniffed 13-15 TD’s last season.Adams played two fewer games last year than he did in 2016 and still managed to bring in nearly the same amount of receptions. His 63.2 yard average per game last season also suggests he would have not only topped his 2016 yard total, but topped 1,000 yards for the first time had he played a full 16. He only had eight 20+ yard receptions last season compared to 17 in 2016, but if you watched him in the first preseason game, he was making light work of the Titans’ $60 million corner. Having Rodgers come back immediately increases Adams’ value and with his gradual improvements + a full season, Adams could be a top-5 receiver by year end.Aaron Jones, RBI made the case against Jamaal Williams because I prefer Jones’ upside. The UTEP alumnus will be missing the first two games thanks to a suspension, but that’s only helped his ADP value. Right now, he’s going in the 9th round and a full round later than Williams. It might hurt for the first quarter of the season, but if Jones comes back and recaptures the top spot, he’ll be borderline RB1 to RB2. During his rookie season, we got a good four-game stretch out of Jones that included a couple of 120+ yard performances. His season was shortened though because of lingering injuries. He didn’t get double-digit rushing attempts after the bye week, but he had some games that showed his big play ability including three rushes for 47 yards against the Panthers and his game-winning 20-yard rush against the Buccaneers. Jones put a focus on his lower-body strength this offseason in order for him to be a reliable pass blocker. We’ll hope that it will allow him to stay on the field in any situation. Great upside here.


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