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Yorkshire Terrier (aka the Yorkie) is a small dog of physical stature that typically do not weigh more than 3.18 kg. and have a relatively long-haired coat . The Yorkie is known for its beautiful black and light brown coat and playful attitude towards the world. Although the Yorkshire Terrier is small and can be held in one hand the dog still needs some exercise to thrive. The Yorkie is a very popular breed today and is often spotted accompanying famous people.

A small elegant dog
The Yorkshire Terrier has a head that is a bit flat and not round. The Yorkie’s dark eyes have an intelligent expression. The small V-shaped ears are set high on the dog’s head but the distance between the ears shouldn’t be too far. The ears are erect. Traditionally, the Yorkshire Terrier had a docked tail of medium length but this is now banned in some countries.

Napoleon complex or healthy self-esteem?
Although the Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog that can be classified as a toy dog today it still has its roots in the Terrier line of dogs. Individual Yorkies are different but generally the Yorkshire Terrier is very independent and brave in line with its terrier roots. The Yorkshire Terrier’s approach to strangers varies according to the individual socialization and training but the breed may have a tendency to bark and be suspicious of strangers.

Yorkies typically do not seek the role of alpha dog in a pack and usually gets on well with other dogs as it loves to play. Yorkies are not always aware of their small size and do not mind putting up a fight with the big dogs if it seems necessary. Yorkies are very inquisitive and likes to meddle in its surroundings. The Yorkshire Terrier is, despite its small size certainly not unintelligent, it is according to studies in the middle of the breeds when it comes to intelligence slightly above average for working dogs. Yorkies independent nature may make it slightly harder to train than other breeds. Over Protected and spoiled Yorkies may lack the natural “terrier” self-confidence and be insecure and dependent on its owner.

A small dog with a great story
The Yorkshire Terrier was originally bred to catch rats that hides in small and inaccessible places. They were also used for hunting. Like other Terrier breeds in the 1900s it was common for the Yorkshire Terrier to demonstrate their ability to kill rats in competitions where they counted the number of rats that each Yorkshire Terrier could kill in a given time.

The Terrier breeds are specialists when it comes to catching small animals that live in caves or underground passages. Small animals that are caught in a burrow and cannot escape while protecting their offspring would typically fight to the death with ferocity therefore any dog that would hunt such prey would also need to be extremely brave – Terriers were specifically bred to be courageous.

Yorkshire is home
As the name suggests the dog breed Yorkshire Terrier was originally bred in Yorkshire that is a region in northern England. The Yorkie is the result of a mix of different terriers that were brought to Yorkshire during the Industrial Revolution in England. The Terriers were brought along by miners from Scotland. The Yorkshire Terrier made its first arrival on the dog show scene in 1861 under the name “Broken-Haired Scotch Terrier” named after its Scottish element. Yorkies were also known under the simple name “Toy Terriers” that alludes to the breed’s size.

The Yorkie hangs with the celebrities
Today Yorkies don’t need to catch rats it has become a very popular breed that is often seen in the company of celebrities Eg. Justin Timberlake has two Yorkies, named Bella and Bearlie. The famous soccer coach Jose Mourinho has a Yorkie named Leya. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has a little Yorkie named Vida. Bruce Willis has a Yorkie named Wolf Fishbein after a figure from a Woody Allen movie. Audrey Hepburn also had a Yorkie named Mr. Famous and the list is much longer and includes everything from presidential wives to famous rappers.

If you are considering getting a Yorkshire Terrier you should consider the following:

Do you want a dog that is:

  • Small, elegant, easy and conveniently sized.
  • Sheds very little and is relatively hypoallergenic.
  • Is lively and inquisitive.
  • Do not need a lot of exercise.
  • Barks when strangers come.
  • Gets on well with other pets and strangers.

This can be negative depending on your personal preferences:

  • Is somewhat fragile like other toy dogs.
  • Can be difficult to housebreak.
  • The coat should be brushed and trimmed regularly.

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