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Pyrenean Mountain Dog

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The Pyrenean Mountain dog (known as the Great Pyrenees in the U.S.) is a large dog typically employed to guard livestock in the region of the Pyrenese Mountains in France and Spain.

The breed dates all of the way back to to middle ages and was a popular dog in the French courts. The Pyrenean Mountain dog guarded sheep and other livestock day and night in the mountains without human interference and that has produced a brave and independent dog breed that is gentle, calm and protective of its family.

Character and behavior
The Pyrenean Mountain dog is a friendly, gentle and affectionate dog breed that needs daily exercise to stay happy. The Pyrenean Mountain dog makes a great family dog that is good with children. It’s important to socialize the dog as a puppy so that it gets used to other dogs, children, strangers and pets. If the dog is not socialized enough early on it can become reserved.

The Pyrenean Mountain dog can be stubborn and independent at times and can therefore be harder and require more patience to train than some other dog breeds. Most Pyrenean Mountain dogs will be hard to walk without a lead as they might stray.

History of the breed
The Pyrenean Mountain dog is a very old dog breed that originates in the region around the Pyreneese Mountains where it protected flocks of livestock with little human interference. The dogs role as protector made it popular in French castles. The Pyrenean Mountain dog was often seen in the French courts in the middle ages and later.

Today the Pyrenean Mountain dog is a versatile working dog that is often used as a rescue dog in snowy and mountainous areas and as a guard dog.

Appearance, grooming and health
The Pyrenean Mountain dog has a medium-long coat and a wide head. The muzzle is black and the eyes are small and oval. The ears are V-shaped, small and sites low on the head. The chest is wide and the tail is long and is carried either hanging or curled over the back.

The most characteristic trait of the Pyrenean Mountain dog is its white coat that almost creates a mane around the neck.
The Pyrenean Mountain dog is a large dog that weighs 80 – 120 lbs and reaches a height of 25 – 32 inches. The coat requires regular grooming on a weekly basis. The dog sheds year round but once a year it sheds a lot.

The life span of a Pyrenean Mountain dog is typically 10 years.

What you should know about the Pyrenean Mountain dog breed:

  • The Pyrenean Mountain dog is a gentle giant that is good with kids
  • Independent dog breed that can be stubborn at times
  • Can be a challenge to train
  • Is not suited for apartment living
  • Needs a good deal of exercise to stay balanced
  • Enjoys cold weather and working outside

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