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The Pomeranian (also known as the Pom or Pom Pom) is a dog breed of the Spitz type that is named after the Pomerania region in Central Europe. The Pomeranian is a small toy dog with a soft coat that can have many colors. The Pomeranian had its popularity increased by a number of royal owners since the Seventeenth century.

Character and behavior
The Pomeranian is a playful, friendly and active little dog that loves company and being around the family. The Pomeranian is relatively easy to train and gets along well with other pets.

Despite the dog’s small size it is important to provide the Pomeranian with leadership and direction or it will try to fill the void itself and that can result in the dog becoming overly protective of its owner and snarling at strangers that come close.

History of the breed
Many believe that the Pomeranian can be traced back to ancient Egypt where similar dogs can be found in carvings and art. Skeletons from dogs similar to today’s Pomeranians have also been found in Egyptian burial chambers.

The Pomeranian made its way to Europe and became very popular in the Pomerania region. The Pomeranian was bred to be even smaller and better for city living. The English also adopted the breed and continued making the dog breed smaller and introducing new coat colors. The Pomeranian became popular among English royals and nobles.

During the ages many famous people owned Pomeranians such as Queen Charlotte and Victoria of England, Michelangelo and Sir Isaac Newton. Today one of the most famous dogs on YouTube is the Pomeranian “Boo” that is known as the cutest dog in the world.

Appearance, grooming and health
The Pomeranian has a smooth and beautiful coat with a plume tail. The coat can have many colors but fawn, black, white, grey etc. with markings are common.

The coat sheds a great deal and requires regular grooming. Small dogs typically have a longer life span than bigger dogs and the Pomeranian reaches an age of 15 years on average.

The Pomeranian weighs between 4 and 8 lbs and has a height of 5 to 11 inches at the withers.

What you should know about the Pomeranian dog breed:

  • A small dog of the Spitz group with a fox-like appearance and erect ears
  • The Pomeranian is social and affectionate and makes a great family dog
  • Is good with other pets and children
  • The Pomeranian will bark at perceived threats and alert its owner
  • Be prepared for some grooming

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