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The Pekingese (also known as the Lion-Dog or Peke) is an ancient breed of toy dog that originates in China. The Pekingese was used in China to protect against evil spirits at Buddhist temples.

The Pekingese is a small dog that doesn’t need a lot of exercise and can have a tendency to get overweight if you feed it too much. The Pekingese makes an excellent family pet.

Character and behavior
The Pekingese doesn’t need much exercise but doesn’t shy away from a long walk if it isn’t too hot. You’ll find that the Pekingese makes an affectionate and loyal family dog that loves spending time with its family. The Pekingese will bark at strange sounds and alert its owner to any threat.

Despite its small size it’s important to be the leader of the Pekingese and not the other way around. If the Pekingese sees itself as the leader it can result in unwanted behavior such as snarling, excessive barking etc. If you do not train your Pekingese and provide leadership the dog may also find it harder to get along with children and strangers. The Pekingese can be a challenge to house break.

History of the breed
The Pekingese is an ancient Chinese breed that can be traced many centuries back in time. The Pekingese is named after the city of Peking that today is named Beijing. The Pekingese was used to keep evil spirits out. Later on the Pekingese became the favorite dog of the Emperor of China and can now be found on everything from porcelain to pottery in China.

It is unknown exactly what dog breeds went into the creation of the Pekingese as it was isolated in China for many years. When the English invaded China they found five Pekingese dogs in the Palace that they brought back to Europe. Later the Pekingese achieved popularity in the rest of the world.

Appearance, grooming and health
The Pekingese is a small dog with large eyes and a flat muzzle. The tail sits high on the dog and is carried over the back. The head is relatively big in proportion to the rest of the body. The ears are heart-shaped and hanging. The legs are short but thick.
The Pekingese weighs 7 – 14 lbs and stands 6-9 inches tall. The coat is long and smooth and requires daily brushing. The mane is impressive and full. The Pekingese has an average life span between 10 to 15 years.

What you should know about the Pekingese dog breed:

  • The Pekingese is a loving and calm dog
  • Doesn’t need much exercise and can live in an apartment
  • Be prepared to groom your dog daily
  • Makes an excellent family dog

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