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Old Danish Pointer

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The Old Danish chicken dog is especially well suited for hunting but is at the same time an excellent family dog. It is good-natured and very good with children. The breed can be dated back to the 18th century, which makes it one of the oldest breeds in Europe. Additionally, it is the only pointer originating from Denmark.

Character and behaviour
The Old Danish chicken dog is a large dog with a calm and good-natured temper. It is an excellent hunting dog, which calmly and effectively draws the terrain. It is very good at maintaining contact with the hunter and is capable of drawing both small and large areas. It is especially good at hunting birds/pheasants.

The Old Danish chicken dog is also a good family dog as long as it gets plenty of exercise. Due to its large need for exercise it is not suited for living in an apartment. It is active and fast outdoor, but quiet and calm indoor.

History of the breed
The Old Danish Chicken dog is one of Europe’s oldest hunting dog breeds. In the 1800th century, a farmer called Morten Bak bred a robust and skilled hunting dog, which became the fundamental basis of the Old Danish chicken dog. He crossed local hunting dogs with gypsy dogs from Spain thus creating the Old Danish chicken dog.

However, later on the breed was on the brink of extinction, but a family living on a small island saved the breed the first time round. After World War II only few examples of the breed remained and an intensive breeding process began. The result hereof is the Old Danish Chicken dog as we know today.

Appearance, grooming and health
The Old Danish chicken dog is a large dog with a friendly expression. It is robust with a short wide head. The eyes are medium-sized and dark brown. The ears are wide, set low and hanging down. It has quite a bit of loose dewlap. The differences between dogs and bitches are conspicuous: The bitch seems lighter, livelier, and has a more fiery temper.

The Old Danish chicken dog is 21-23 inches and weighs 66-77.

The coat is short and dense and only requires minimal grooming. The colour is white with brown markings. The head is most often brown. The Old Danish chicken dog may be prone to suffer from the genetic disease muscle fatigue. It can be tested for with a DNA test.

What you should know about the breed:

  • A loving and good-natured family do.
  • Excellent hunting do
  • Requires a lot of exercise
  • .

  • Active outdoor

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