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Norwegian Elkhound

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The Norwegian Elkhound is one of the ancient Northern Spitz-type breed of dog and is the National Dog of Norway. The word “Elk” means “moose” and relates to the Elkhounds task of hunting moose. The Norwegian Elkhound traces its history back to the vikings.

The Norwegian Elkhound was used by farmers and hunters as a guard dog, companion and hunting dog. The Norwegian Elkhound is a medium sized dog that has a similar appearance to the German Shepherd Dog

Character and behaviour
The Norwegian Elkhound is fearless, loyal and versatile and these traits have been developed over many centuries in a hard and cold climate where the dog bonded with hardy people.

The Norwegian Elkhound is a good guard dog but also makes a good family pet. The Elkhound is a social and outgoing dog breed that dislikes being alone or away from its family. The Elkhound is a working dog and as such needs a good deal of exercise to stay happy.

History of the breed
The Norwegian Elkhound was used to hunt Elk, bear, wild boar and other animals. The Elkhound was trained to follow the scent of the prey and circle it keeping the prey cornered until the hunter could get there to finish the job.

The Norwegian Elkhound is known for its versatility and endurance and that was in high demand in the rough climate and terrain. Former U.S. President Herbert Hoover had a Norwegian Elkhound named “Weejie”

Appearance, grooming and health
The Norwegian Elkhound weighs 48-55 lbs and has a height of 19-21 inches. The Elkhound has a thick, short grey or white coat with black markings. The dog breed has a wide head with ears placed high on the head.

The Norwegian Elkhound has a muscular appearance with a strong neck, back and deep chest. The tail is thick and curls over the dog’s back. This dog breed doesn’t need much grooming but be prepared for a good deal of shedding from the thick coat.

What you should know about the Newfoundland dog breed:

  • This is a medium sized, muscular working dog breed with a wolfish appearance
  • The Norwegian Elkhound thrives on exercise and outdoor activities and you’ll need to provide daily exercise
  • This is a confident and strong dog
  • Is an excellent guard dog that can have a tendency to bark
  • The Norwegian Elkhound sheds a good deal
  • The Elkhound is an intelligent dog but can be hard to train as it is very independent

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