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The dog breed Newfoundland is a large working dog that originates from the province of the same name on the East coast of Canada. The Newfoundland is known for its outgoing and happy temperament, loyalty and love of water. The Newfoundland makes a great family dog that needs a good deal of exercise.

Character and behaviour
The Newfoundland dog is easy going, happy, loyal and good with children. The Newfoundland is an intelligent dog that is easy to train and loves working and training. Because of the Newfoundland’s history as a working breed the Newfoundland needs a lot of exercise to be happy.

History of the breed
The Newfoundland dog originates from the island Newfoundland where the dog breed is descendant from St. John’s waterdog. Some people speculate that the Newfoundland goes all the way back to dogs brought over by the Vikings. It is more likely that the Newfoundland’s size comes from a mix of other dog breeds that the Portuguese seafarers brought over from Europe to Newfoundland.

The dog breed’s hardy build and thick coat makes the dog breed able to withstand the hard climate and unruly sea when the dog pulls heavy loads back to shore for the fishermen or as a life guard.
Famous people that owned a Newfoundland dog include:

  • The English poet Lord Byron had a Newfoundland named “Boatswain” that inspired his poem “Epitaph to a Dog”.
  • Robert F. Kennedy (Younger brother of former President John F. Kennedy) had a Newfoundland named “Brumus”.
  • Former President Ulysses S. Grant had a Newfoundland named “Faithful”.

Appearance, grooming and health
The Newfoundland dog weighs between 110 to 176 lbs and the height is between 27 and 30 inches. This makes the Newfoundland dog a very big dog and some of them can rival even the Grand Danois in size.

The coat is water resistant and has two layers. The outer coat is medium in length and is wavy. The inner layer of coat is soft and thick. It is not common to trim or groom a Newfoundland. The coat color is black or brown and can have white markings.

What you should know about the Newfoundland dog breed:

  • The Newfoundland is a large and powerful dog with a thick coat that sheds quite a lot.
  • The Newfoundland is an easy going and loving breed that makes an excellent family dog.
  • The Newfoundland has a healthy appetite and needs a great deal of exercise to be happy.
  • The dog breed is intelligent and easy to train and loves to work and swim.
  • Some Newfoundland dogs drools.
  • As a large dog the Newfoundland usually has a relatively short lifespan of 10-12 years.

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