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Miniature Pinscher

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The miniature pinscher is a miniature version of the German pinscher. Its appearance resembles a Doberman even though these two breeds are not related. The miniature pinscher is a lively dog, which is well suited for an active family. Even though it is a small dog it is brave and proud. It can live in an apartment and is very active indoors.

Character and behaviour
The miniature pinscher is a small cheerful dog. At the same time it is an intelligent dog suited for obedience training. Regardless of its size, it requires consequent and firm training, making sure it knows who is in charge. In other cases the dog will start barking a lot, become uncontrollable, and possibly display aggressive behaviour towards other dogs.

It is important to socialize this breed while it is still a puppy. Thus, puppy training is a good idea. It is a very intelligent breed that quickly learns new commands. It is not good with small children because playing sessions often become too fierce. This breed has a tendency of chewing on small items that can then break and get stuck in its throat. The miniature pinscher is also an alert dog, which barks loudly when picking up something suspicious.

History of the breed
The miniature pinscher derives from Germany. Even though it looks a lot like a Doberman these two breeds are not related. Instead, the miniature pinscher is a miniature version of the German pinscher. Originally, it was the smallest puppies of the German pinscher that was further developed. Later it was crossed with the dachshund and the Italian greyhound. It was used on farms to keep down the population of rats. Today, it is a family dog well suited for obedience training, agility, and as a guard dog.

Appearance, grooming and health
The miniature pinscher is a small dog with large erect v-shaped ears. In profile it is quadrilateral and well proportioned. The muzzle is long and pointed. The nose is black. The legs are straight and the paws are almost cat like. The eyes are oval and dark.

The miniature pinscher is 9-11 inches tall and weighs 8-11 pounds.

The coat is smooth and shiny. It is flat and only requires minimal grooming. Brushing the dog now and then is sufficient. The coat colour varies and can either be self-coloured, black-and-tan, chocolate-and-tan, or blue-and-tan. Generally speaking, it is a healthy breed. Life expectancy is 15 years.

What you should know about the breed:

  • A cheerful and lively dog
  • Well suited for different kinds of obedience training and as a guarding dog
  • Very active indoors
  • Loyal towards its owner
  • Likes chewing things

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