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Keeshond is a medium sized dog with a dense coat. Keeshond derives from the Netherlands and is closely related to the German Spitz dogs that among others include Pomeranian and Kleinspitz. Keeshond is the national dog of the Netherlands.

Character and behaviour
Keeshond is a lively, intelligent, and loyal dog that gets really attached to its family. However, it can be reserved toward strangers. A Keeshond is independent and requires a consistent and loving owner. Keeshond is easily trained and likes to please its owner, which makes it a great agility dog.

A Keeshond is a good watchdog that will call attention to potential threats by means of a loud and characteristic bark. Usually, the Keeshond gets along well with children and other dogs. However, early socialisation is important because of its very protective nature.

A Keeshond is an excellent family dog that does not require a lot of exercise but loves outdoor activities.

History of the breed
Keeshond can be dated far back in time and has been used as watchdog on Dutch farms and as barge dog on the Dutch channels.

In the beginning of the French revolution the Keeshond became a symbol of the Dutch Patriots (a political party) leaded by Cornelius De Gyselaer, who had the nickname Kees. Consequently, the name Keeshond emerged.

Today, the Keeshond is primarily a family dog.

Appearance, grooming and health
Keeshond is a medium sized breed with a wolf grey coat. The coat is double layered, long, and dense. Thus, it requires brushing 1-2 times a week but it is not cumbersome. The Keeshond particularly sheds two times a year for a period of a couple of weeks. Within this period it is recommended to brush more often.

In addition, the Keeshond sheds moderately all year.

A Keeshond weighs 30-44 pounds and it is 16-21 inches tall. Life expectancy is approximately 12 years.

What you should know about the breed:

  • Wolf like appearance with a dense grey coat.
  • Barks loud and alerting. However, it will typically display friendly behaviour toward strangers, which does not put it in the same category as Rottweiler and German shepherd when it comes to guarding.
  • Has a moderate need for exercise and is an excellent family dog.
  • A Keeshond is independent, confident, and reserved toward strangers.
  • Compared to other German Spitz dogs Keeshond is more quiet, calm, and less dominant.
  • Sheds a lot.
  • Tendency of barking a lot and behaving stubbornly.

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