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The greyhound was primarily bred for hunting. Today it is mainly known for dog race given that its streamline build and powerful physics makes the dog run as much as 70 km/h. This makes the greyhound the fastest dog in the world and actually is on par with racehorses. In comparison, a cheetah can reach a speed of 112km/h in a very short period of time.

History of the breed
It is thought that the greyhound is related to the old greyhound types from the ancient Egypt. Archaeological finds with images of greyhounds were found 4000-2000 BC. However, a DNA analysis from 2004 proves that the greyhound does not derive from the Egypt dogs but instead from herding dogs.

In hunt greyhounds orientate themselves by means of sight, which is different from most other hunting dogs that use their sense of smell to trace the prey. On this basis, the greyhound immediately reacts at the sight of a fleeing prey. This immemorial instinct is used in dog race in order to make the dog run as fast as possible chasing a synthetic hare attached to a rail.

The greyhound we know today was developed as a sublime hunting dog with a kind and loyal temper. The breed was mostly popular in royal and noble circles in England. A greyhound is very social and needs to be with its family most of the time. It does not like to be alone.

Appearance, grooming and health
The greyhound is available in almost every colour and colour combination. The size depends on gender. The male is typically 28-30 inches and the female is 27-28 inches. The weight varies between 60 – 80 pounds.

What you should know about the breed:

  • Tall, slim, and elegant
  • Short and smooth coat. Easy to groom
  • Calmness and dignity similar to a cat
  • Friendly and polite towards other people and dogs
  • Enjoys running free in a fenced in area
  • Strong hunting instincts. Will chase small animals if possible
  • Early socialisation is important
  • The build of the dog may cause health issues

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