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Finnish Spitz

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The Finnish Spitz is a playful and active dog that has a fox-like appearance due to the coat color, erect ears and long bushy tail. The Finnish Spitz originated in Finland where it was used as a hunting dog for any game from Squirrel to bear. The Finnish Spitz is a good family dog that is friendly and social.

Character and behavior
The Finnish Spitz is a small lively and alert dog that makes a great family dog. It’s always up for playing with kids but should as with all dogs be supervised with small children. The Finnish Spitz is also a good guard dog that can be reserved towards strangers and barks at any perceived threats.

The barking is very distinct and some places in Finland they even have competitions for best barking Finnish Spitz.

The Finnish Spitz needs a good deal of daily exercise and this dog breed makes a good jogging buddy. It’s an intelligent dog breed that is easy to train and quickly learns commands. The best results comes from using positive reinforcement in the training of a Finnish Spitz. It is unlikely to respond well to harsh training methods.

History of the breed
The Finnish Spitz originated in Finland as the name suggests. Russian immigrants brought dogs of the Spitz type to Finland and these dogs were bred and developed into the contemporary Finnish Spitz as we know it today. This makes the Finnish Spitz a very old dog breed with roots many centuries back in time. In the Eighteenth century the Finnish Spitz came close to extinction but was saved by dedicated breeders.

Appearance, grooming and health
The Finnish Spitz is a relatively small dog that has an appearance that resembles a fox. The dog has erect ears, a bushy tail and a wedge-shaped head. The body is muscular and square. The eyes are medium-sized and dark. The legs are straight with small round paws.

The Finnish Spitz stands 15-20 inches tall and weighs 16-30 pounds.

The Finnish Spitz has a double coat with a soft inner layer and a harsh outer layer. Proper coat care is important as the Finnish Spitz sheds its undercoat twice a year. It is imperative that you brush out the old undercoat so the new coat can grow properly. An excessive undercoat may cause serious skin problems.
The coat color is golden-red with variations from pale honey to dark chestnut. The Finnish Spitz is generally a healthy breed that is expected to live 12 to 15 years.

What you should know about the Finnish Spitz dog breed:

  • A friendly and energetic dog
  • The Finnish Spitz is a good playful family dog
  • This dog breed can live in an apartment if exercised enough on a daily basis
  • Barks at perceived threats with a loud and distinct barking
  • Is good with children

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