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Field Spaniel

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At first glance, the field spaniel looks like a dark brown cocker spaniel probably because they share the same origin. However, the field spaniel is slightly larger than the cocker spaniel. It is a very active breed that thrives if it gets a job to do.

Character and behaviour
The field spaniel is an excellent hunting dog but will also function perfectly as a family dog. It loves spending time with its family and it is very patient and good with children. However, it is important that a field spaniel gets a job to do otherwise it will become restless and make mischief. If the dog is properly socialised while it is still a puppy it can easily live with other dogs and pets.

The field spaniel is a compliant and intelligent breed. Even though it loves people it can be reserved towards strangers. It is easily trained. However, the training must be gentle and firm at the same time. They need to be with people that can demonstrate leadership. Due to its high energy level the field spaniel is suited for both agility and hunting. It does have a tendency of straying.

History of the breed
The field spaniel shares the same origin as the cocker spaniel. They both derive from England. In the 19th century the two breeds were considered to be the same. In the 19th century it was decided to separate the two breeds. Every dog exceeding a weight of 12,5 kg were hereafter named field spaniel. Later a breeder chose to change the appearance of the dog making it longer, shorter, and heavier.

This alteration implied that the breed was no longer applicable for hunting and thus lost its popularity. Instead it was often criticized and ridiculed. Dedicated breeders have managed to breed the original field spaniel. However, the breed is not nearly as popular as the cocker spaniel and is considered an uncommon breed today.

Appearance, grooming and health
The field spaniel mostly resembles a large cocker spaniel. The eyes are large, almond shaped, and dark. The ears are long and hanging down. It has a friendly expression due to its arched skull and the big brown nose. The legs are straight with large paws. The tail is long. The coat is longer on the back of the legs, on the chest, under the belly, and on the ears. It varies in colour from black to different shades of brown.

The field spaniel is 18 inches tall and weighs 35-50 pounds.

The coat is smooth, long, and shiny. The inner coat is dense and soft. Requires regular brushing and trimming more times a year. The field spaniel may be inclined to suffer from hip dysplasia or ear infections. Life expectancy is 10-12 years.

What you should know about the breed:

  • Friendly and loyal family dog
  • Good with children
  • Requires a lot of exercise
  • Not suitable for apartment living
  • Prefers a cool climate
  • Excellent hunting dog
  • Should have a job to do

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