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English Setter

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English setter is first and foremost an excellent hunting dog. However, it is also good with children. It is a relatively large dog that it is very active outdoors but calm indoor. It thrives best with a large fenced in garden. English setter belongs to the setter family, which consists of Irish setter, the Irish red/white setter, and the Gordon setter.

Character and behaviour
English setter is a friendly and loving dog, which is suitable for hunt and obedience training alike. They can be difficult to train outdoors seeing as the hunting instincts make them easily distracted. In addition, it is important always to be gentle when training an English setter; otherwise it will simply refuse to cooperate.

The English setter is good with children and when it is inside the house it is a very calm dog that enjoys relaxing on the sofa. As long as early socialisation is applied the English setter will do fine with other dogs as well. Be aware that two different types of the breed exist: A show dog and a hunting dog. They both require a lot of exercise although the need is slightly bigger in the hunting dog. At the same time it is smaller and has a shorter coat length.

History of the breed
In the beginning of the 19th century the English setter was bred by Edward Laverack. However, his dogs gradually became too self-confident and would not cooperate with the hunter. On the other hand, they were very suitable as show dogs. Subsequently, Purcel Llewellin, another breeder started to further develop the English setter and managed to create a more cooperative temper in the dogs maintaining the great hunting abilities.

On these grounds two different types of English setters exist today. The show dog is also called the Laverack line whereas the hunting dog is called the Llewellin line.

Character and behaviour
The English setter is a large dog available in many different colour combinations in contrary to other setter breeds. The head is large and oval with a long and broad muzzle. The nose is either black or brown. The eyes are dark brown. The ears are set low and hanging down. The tail is slightly curved with fringes.

English setter is 24-27 inches tall and weighs 55-79 pounds.

The length of the coat varies depending on whether it is a show dog or a hunting dog. The coat is long on the chest, back of the legs, and on the tail. Down the back the coat is of medium length. In addition, it is slightly wavy without being curly. It requires regular brushing.

The English setter may be prone to suffer from hip dysplasia. Furthermore, it is important not to overfeed the dog because it easily gains weight.

What you should know about the breed:

  • Sweet-tempered and friendly dog.
  • Requires a lot of exercise.
  • Two different variants exist.
  • Some English setters tend to drool a bit.
  • Good with children.

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