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Dandie Dinmont Terrier

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The Dandie Dinmont terrier is one of the oldest terriers. It has a distinctive appearance with its long body and short legs. It is a friendly and charming family dog that especially hit it off with older children. The Dandie Dinmont terrier was the first terrier with a distinctive name. Earlier all dogs of the terrier type were just called terrier.

Character and behaviour
The Dandie Dinmont terrier is an independent and loving family dog. It is also suitable as a guard dog, but it is essential that it be told to stop barking relatively quickly. Besides, it requires a gentle but firm training. It needs to quickly learn who is in charge at home. Otherwise, it will try to take control and demonstrate unwanted behaviour.

Dandie dinmont is originally a hunting dog and should not be left alone with small pets such as hamsters, rabbits, or guinea pigs. It can grow accustomed to cats as long as it is socialised while still being a puppy. It loves to dig holes in the garden. The Dandie Dinmont terrier does not require a lot of exercise but daily walks and play outside is necessary.

History of the breed
The Dandie Dinmont terrier originates from the border region between England and Scotland. However, it is not named after this region. It is, on the contrary, after a fictitious person in Sir Walter Scott’s novel ‘Guy Mannering’.

The popularity of the breed increased after the publication of this book and the first breed of terrier was named Dandie Dinmont. Before, all terriers were just called terrier.

It is uncertain which breeds have helped develop the Dandie Dinmont terrier. However, it is thought that the Bedlington terrier and the Dandie Dinmont are closely related. In addition, some believe that dachshund has been included at some point.

Appearance, grooming and health
The Dandie Dinmont terrier is a small short-legged dog with a long body. The eyes are large and dark. The ears are hanging down. The nose is black. The front legs are shorter than the hind legs. The tail is short and curved like a sword.

The Dandie Dinmont terrier is 8-11 inches and weighs 18-24 pounds.

The coat has two layers of which the outer coat is coarse but the inner coat is soft. It requires regular brushing and light trimming a couple of times a year. The term of colour for the coat is ‘pepper’ or ‘mustard’ – bluish black or reddish brown, respectively. The Dandie Dinmont terrier is a healthy breed. However, it may suffer from back problems because of the long back. Life expectancy is 12-15 years.

What you should know about the breed:

  • Loving and playful
  • Suitable as a family dog
  • Uncommon breed
  • Does not require a lot of exercise
  • Suitable for living in an apartment if it gets daily walks

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