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The Phaléne is almost identical with the dog breed Papillon. The only difference is the ears. The ears on a Phaléne hangs down while the ears on a Papillon are erect. Papillon means butterfly in French and refers to the erect ears that resembles the wings of a butterfly.

Character and behaviour
The Phaléne is primarily a pet dog that loves to spend time with its family and owner. At the same time it is an active breed that loves outdoor activities. In addition, it is suitable for agility training. Despite of its somewhat fragile appearance, it is a sturdy dog that is ready to play at all times. It is also great at learning new tricks and is easily trained.

A Phaléne easily socializes with other pets such as cats as long as it is socialised early on. It is not an aggressive dog, nor toward strangers. In company of smaller children it is important that they do not carry the dog around in order to prevent any kind of harm.

Even though a Phaléne does not need a large garden it is not necessarily suitable for apartment life either. It will bark at every sound from the stairway even though there is no need for alerting.

History of the breed

The Phaléne is the earliest documented dog breed of the two: Phaléne and Papillon. Papillon was not documented until the 17th century. Phaléne had been portrayed in several paintings previously.

The appearance of the Papillon was almost the cause of extinction of the Phálene. However, the Phaléne gained popularity again and that is why the breed still exists and so many people love the small dog with the hanging ears.

Appearance, grooming and health

A Phaléne’s ears are hanging down. The eyes are large, almond shaped, and dark. The tail is long, bushy, and carried rolled up. The muzzle is short and pointy and the nose is black.

The Phaléne has a shiny, silky, and slightly wavy coat. It is longer on the back of the legs, the ears, the tail, and the chest. It is important to brush the dog daily. A Phaléne is an average shedder.

The Phaléne is generally speaking a healthy breed but may be prone to suffer from problems with the kneecaps in the hind legs. In addition, it may experience problems with anaesthesia.

The Phalene is typically 8-11 inches tall and weighs 7-10 pounds.

What you should know about the breed:

  • Active, lively, and loving dog.
  • Excellent family dog that also is suitable for the active family.
  • Relatively sturdy considering its size.
  • Suitable for both agility and obedience training.
  • Easy to carry around and transport.
  • Tendency to bark a lot.
  • Moderate shedding and grooming.

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