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The English bulldog is despite of its gruff appearance a very friendly and gentle dog. It is well suitable for a family and especially for a less active family due to its minimal need for exercise. The English bulldog is easy to train and excellent with children because of its high level of tolerance.

Due to its short muzzle the English bulldog can experience shortness of breath in warm weather. Therefore it is important that it does not overstretch itself. In addition, the short muzzle contributes to snoring.

Character and behaviour
The English bulldog is a loving and dependent dog, which loves spending time with its owners. It is a dog with a mind of its own and can appear stubborn. In order to avoid dominance it needs firm training. Avoid that the dog takes control. As a puppy the English bulldog is very energetic, but as they get older they become more calm and lethargic. The English bulldog is watchful but as such is not suitable as a guard dog.

History of the breed
The English bulldog originates from England, where butchers used the dog to handle beef cattle. After that, the breed was used in bullfights and its characteristic appearance was further developed. The small massive dog with a small, flat muzzle was suited for biting on to the bull without having to let go in order to breath.

In 1835 bullfights were prohibited and the English bulldog was on the brink of extinction. It was devotees of the breed who bred the family friendly version, which we know today.

Appearance, grooming and health
The English bulldog has a very characteristic appearance, which is caused by its short, flat muzzle. Furthermore, its short legs and wide and massive body is also unique for the breed. The head has a lot of loose skin, which falls in folds. The eyes are small and dark and the ears are small and thin. The jaws are sturdy with a hanging upper lip. And it has a distinct under bite.

The English bulldog is 12-16 inches and weighs 53-55 pounds.

The coat is short and smooth. It is available in many different colour variations. Requires minimal grooming: brush now and then and only a bath when it is really necessary. Dry of the folds in the face with a damp cloth every day.

Because of the shape of the muzzle the English bulldog suffers from shortness of breath. It is also prone to suffer from eye conditions and it does not thrive well in either heat or cold. It may also suffer from skin problems or hip and knee problems. Average life expectancy of 8 years.

What you should know about the breed:

  • Friendly and gentle
  • The coat is easy to maintain.
  • Not aggressive.
  • Does not need much exercise and thus suitable for elderly and handicapped people.
  • Excellent family dog.
  • It drools and snores.

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