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The Boxer is a short-haired dog of medium size that are both compact, strong and willing to work hard.
The dog breed Boxer originated in Germany. The Boxer’s head is the most characteristic trait of the breed. The Boxer’s head is relatively broad and short with an almost square muzzle.

The Boxer Breed has an underhung jaw
The Boxer’s underhung jaw has a very strong bite that makes it easy to hang onto large prey. The Boxer descends from the English Bulldog and the now extinct Bullenbeisser breed (Boxer is part of the Molossian group of breeds). The Boxer typically weighs between 25 and 32 kg (55 to 77 lbs). The male dog’s height at the withers is approx. 57-63 cm and females is about. 4 cm lower.

The Boxer with or without docking the tail
Boxer has traditionally been a breed with docked tail and upright ears. However in many countries this tradition has been banned due to pressure from animal rights groups. In the U.K. a race variant with a natural short tail was bred (Bobtail Boxer) in response to an expected change in the law.

A short-haired dog
The Boxer’s coat is short, smooth and close to the dog’s body. The coat is light brown and may have black stripes and white markings. The white color is often seen on the dog’s stomach and on four paws. The Boxer’s coat is easy to maintain and doesn’t shed much.

The mysterious white boxer.
Boxers with white markings that takes up more than one third of the dog’s body are traditionally known as White Boxers (these are not albino or rare). Approximately 20-25% of all boxers are born “White”. White boxers have a higher risk of sunburn and skin cancer than their colored companions. White boxers also have a greater tendency to be deaf in one or both ears. Previously Boxer breeders typically put down White Boxer puppies in a litter but nowadays they are usually placed in a home with an agreement to sterilize the dog. The White Boxer is excluded as a show dog and is not allowed in breeding but they can participate in agility and obedience competitions.

The Boxers temperament
The Boxer is a working dog and has a high energy level as such. The Boxer dog therefore needs a lot of exercise in order not to get bored and frustrated leading to behaviors such as chewing on things or digging in the garden. The Boxer is a friendly dog but it is cautious with strangers and requires early socialization. The Boxer is calm and affectionate to his family but strong-willed and courageous facing danger. The Boxer is a smart dog.

The Boxer’s historical beginnings.
The Boxer was bred from the dog breeds Bullenbeisser (extinct German breed) and Bulldog (which was brought to Germany from England). The Bullenbeisser was a hunting dog that was used to hunt bears, wild boar and deer. The Bullenbeisserens task was to find and retain prey until the hunter arrived. In recent years the faster dogs were more popular and a smaller Bullenbeisser named Brabant was bred in Belgium. It is widely recognized that Brabant Bullenbeisser is a direct precursor of today’s boxers.

The Boxer was introduced on a dog show in Munich
The first dog exhibition that showed Boxer was a dog show for St. Bernards at Munich in 1895. The three Germans Roberth, Konig, and Hopner had decided to establish the breed at that show. The Boxer club announced its first breed standard in 1902 in a detailed document that hasn’t changed much to this day.

The Boxer’s charm is well known around the world
The Boxer was first introduced in other parts of Europe and then in America in the latter part of 1900. During the first World War the Boxer was used by the military where it filled roles such as courier dog, attack dog and guarddog. It was not until after WWII that the Boxer’s popularity escalated in the world. Boxer dogs were often brought back by returning soldiers, and the Boxer was thus introduced to a wider audience, where it quickly became popular as pets, show dogs and guard dogs. Today the Boxer is one of the most popular breeds.

If you are considering getting a Boxer dog you should consider the following:

Would you like to have a dog that:

  • Requires very little grooming.
  • is medium in size and has a muscular build.
  • Loves to play and romp.
  • Is a loyal dog with a steady temperament.
  • May be scary to some people.

These things can be negative depending on your personal preferences:

  • The Boxer can be aggressive towards other dogs of the same sex.
  • Has a strong will that requires a consistent owner.
  • A Boxer dog’s special short face gives rise to snoring and wheezing.
  • Can drool.
  • May have flatulence.

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