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A Bolognese is a small pet dog that originates from Italy and is related to the bichon types of dogs. The name Bolognese refers to the city Bologna in northern Italy. A Bolognese is a small compact dog with an all white coat.

Character and behaviour
A Bolognese is always social, devoted, and intelligent. The breed gets closely attached to its family and is often less social toward strangers compared with other types of bichons. A Bolognese has no problem living with other pets such as cats. Additionally, it gets along well with children if treated properly.

A Bolognese quickly learns new tricks and loves attention. It is a sensitive dog, thus the owner obtains the best result in training by applying positive reinforcement.

The Bolognese does not require a lot of exercise, however, activation and play is important in order for the dog not to get bored. The Bolognese can easily live in an apartment.

History of the breed

The Bolognese is closely related to the bichon types of dogs and descents from the Barbet. Types of bichons are: Bichon Frisé, Maltese, and Bichon Havanese.

The Bolognese originates from Bologna in northern Italy and can be dated back to the 13th century. In the beginning the Bolognese was both black and white but today it is an all white dog.

The Bolognese experienced great popularity as a pet dog at the Italian court and other places in Europe. However, the Bolognese is rarely seen outside Italy today. Goya depicted this breed in his paintings.

Appearance, grooming and health

The Bolognese is a small white dog with a dense and voluminous coat that tangles easily. Thus, the coat needs regular grooming each week in order to keep it in prime condition. In case the coat does not receive proper grooming it will start to irritate the dog especially on the ears, under the belly, and on the legs. A Bolognese hardly sheds.

The Bolognese weighs app. 5,5 – 9 pounds and it is 9-11 inches tall. Life expectancy is about 15 years.

What you should know about the breed:

  • Active, lively, and loving pet dog.
  • Requires quite a lot of grooming, but does not shed a lot.
  • Is easily trained.
  • Good family pet.
  • Closely attached to its owners and reserved toward strangers.
  • Barks at threats and unfamiliar sounds.

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