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Beauceron is a shepherd dog that originates from France. The beauceron was especially used for guarding livestock on the farms around Paris. The beauceron is a large, well-balanced, a bit wiry, shorthaired dog with sturdy legs and broad paws.

Character and behaviour
A beauceron is an athletic working dog that is very active and has a background as shepherd dog and guard dog. The beauceron is intelligent and easy to train making it possible to reach a high level of obedience. A grown beauceron is naturally suspicious toward strangers but will react in accordance with the owner’s behaviour. The beauceron is suitable as a guard dog. Besides, it is often seen in agility competitions.

History of the breed
The beauceron derives from the French dogs of the plain in the 19th century. This breed was used in the development of the dobermann pinscher. The beauceron was actually present in all of Northern France and not just Beauce as the name suggests.

The beaucerons’ good temper and will to learn made it usable for herding sheep, hunting wolfs, and being a guard dog. The French also used the beauceron as a messenger and service dog during both world wars.

Character and behaviour
The beauceron is a medium-sized dog weighing 66-77 pounds and it is 25-27 inches tall. The coat is black with red brown markings on the paws. The outer coat is coarse whereas the inner coat is soft and silky. The beauceron has a shorthaired coat and thus does not need a lot of grooming.

What you should know about the breed:

  • The beauceron needs a lot of exercise and mental stimulation
  • Needs early socialisation because the dog is naturally suspicious toward strangers
  • An intelligent breed that can reach a high level of obedience
  • Tends to herd people and steer them in the right direction due to its herding instinct
  • Strong minded dog which requires a consequent owner

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