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Azawakh is a greyhound deriving from the Sahara region in Africa. In this area the azawakh was used for hunt and as a guard dog. The immediate ancestors of the azawakh are sloughi and saluki. The azawakh is capable of running really fast considering it is a dog and has a beautiful athletic appearance, which resembles that of a greyhound.

Character and behaviour
The azawakh is an independent breed that protects the herd. However, it is very gentle and kind towards its owner and family. The azawakh is typically reserved and on guard towards strangers. Due to a background as a hunting dog the azawakh has a lot of energy and loves to work.

Besides, an azawakh is always a god running mate given that its endurance is amazing even when it is hot outside. On the other hand, this dog does not like cold rainy weather. It is important that the azawakh is properly socialised throughout all of its life and that the owner is consequent and capable of handling a very independent and protective breed.

History of the breed
The azawakh was developed by the nomadic tribes Tuareg, Fula, and others in the area surrounding Sahara in Mali, Algeria, Nigeria, and Burkina Faso. The breed was mainly used for hunt on hare and gazelle due to the fact that it could reach a speed of 60 km/h.

The nomadic tribes also used the azawakh as guard dog as it would alert the owner when predators approached the house. This breed is rarely seen in Europe, but an increasing number of devotees occur.

Appearance, grooming and health
An azawakh is athletic and looks like a greyhound. The coat is short and does not require grooming. It is available in many colours, but most often seen in variations of brown, reddish, and black. However, white markings are very common.

What you should know about the breed:

  • The Azawakh is independent and protective. Thus, making early socialisation important
  • Not suitable for first time owners
  • Requires a lot of exercise
  • The perfect running mate in warm weather

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