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A growing number of dog owners choose to buy dog clothes. Dog clothes usually consists of small dog costumes or different clothing that may have a functional use but are usually more for show. The variety and selection of Dog clothes has increased sharply to staisfy the increased popularity among consumers. Today you can find a wealth of online shops that sells Dog clothes, dog supplies and much more.

Dog clothes with practical applications
Some dogs need functional dog clothing because of the cold climate in winter. Eg. a small short-haired Chihuahua or a flimsy built Greyhound might need a dog blanket or dog clothes not to freeze on the daily walk, or when the dog is playing outside.

Dog clothes with both functional use and image value
Other dog clothes covers both an essential practical need and are fun, fashionable and oozes luxury. It may, for example be an expensive fashionable dog collar or leash. Other dog articles with practical application that are usually also sold in expensive image enhancing versions are dog bowls, dog houses, dog sweaters or dog coats. Other Dog gear is basically just a way to signal the owner’s sense of fashion, personality, character, etc.

A lot of the dog accessories that are sold today mainly serves as a trendy statement that primarily benefits the dog’s owner and environment. Whatever approach you have to Dog clothes and accessories it is obviously important to ensure that none of it is a nuisance for the dog. Especially small dogs are often seen wearing a dog suit, hat, fashionable shoes or other small accessories for dogs. The owner might also have a fashionable dog bag, so Fido can be transported anywhere in a fashionable manner. Today the trend is big enough that you can buy almost anything for your dog regardless of size.

There are many opinions about dog clothes
Depending on whom you ask, there are differing opinions about clothing for dogs. Many think that the trend of fashionable clothes or expensive items for in particular small dogs are curious. However, the trend is here to stay and the boundaries between what is functional and what is known as fashion or image value is often difficult to draw.


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