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When it comes to our four-legged friends, we usually aren’t good enough at setting limits and getting down to business with effective dog training. Even the most stringent dog owners admit that they often pamper their dogs and of course a little pampering is okay. But if you set too few limits for your dog it can lead to difficulties in the long run.

Both you and your dog will benefit
A dog with bad behavior and no set limits is often less appreciated than dogs that respect their owner’s instructions. Dogs that don’t have clearly outlined boundaries in the home that they must follow are usually also quicker to ignore other and perhaps more important rules because they generally have less respect for their owners.

No one is saying that your dog should have a lifestyle with a near-military discipline or not be allowed to have fun, but it is not unreasonable to have certain expectations of your dog. Especially over Christmas, where families often have more visitors, some of the less good behavior from your dog can be especially annoying.

Stay focused
A dog that begs at the table usually seems sweet, and you may have given it some food from the table before. But this habit surely looses its charm when you have people visiting. The same may be true of a dog that jumps up on you when you get home from work, this is perhaps less adorable when your old aunt Karen comes in the door with a freshly baked cake in both hands and wearing her finest dress.

Whether your dog can use some dog training when it comes to jumping up on people, barking, stealing, biting during play or other unwanted behavior a little bit of obedience training helps a great deal when it comes to your dog’s manners. By teaching your dog some simple commands like “sit”; “down”, “stay” and “come”. Later on you can use these commands to teach your dog new behavior when you wish.

The “down” and “stay” commands are invaluable when you are a dog owner who is working on training your dog not to do things like beg, steal and play bite. The “sit” and “stay” command is also good for keeping your dog from jumping up on people, licking people etc.

Earn your dog’s respect as a leader
Obviously a little dog training will also have the positive impact that your dog generally will respect you more, so when you say “no” to your dog it will feel more compelled to respect it. Whether you train your dog on your own or with help from a professional dog trainer it is so much easier to appreciate a dog that respects the limits you set for your four-legged companion.

So get to the dog training before christmas time arrives.

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