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Human food is not for dogs

Chocolate, grapes, avocados and some other seemingly harmless food can be harmful and at worst fatal to Fido. In this article we explore some of … Read more

BARF dog diet

The vast majority of dogs are fed dry food. It’s easy, fast and probably sufficient for your pet. However there is an emerging trend of … Read more

Mixed breed or purebred

Is it better to stick to choosing a pure breed dog or can it be just as good or better to choose a mutt (mixed … Read more

Brush your dog’s teeth

You should brush your dog’s teeth once a month or more, and at the annual vet check. Teeth accumulates tartar over the years, which occasionally must … Read more

Preparing your dog for new years eve

Humans love fireworks, it is often beautiful, dramatic, loud, smells of powder and affects all our senses. However our dogs may view it differently. The … Read more

Choosing the right dog food

Your dog’s diet is important for your dog’s health and behavior. The type of dog food you give your dog and how much have been … Read more


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