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When it comes to dog accessories, dog collar and a dog leash the first gear a new dog owner become acquainted with. A dog leash is a purely functional tool. A dog leash doesn’t need to be trendy or have a nice design, your dog is obviously indifferent to how its dog leash looks or how much it costs.

The two main elements of your thoughts on buying an appropriate dog leash should be:

  1. A dog leash must be made in a good material.
  2. A dog leash should have the right length for the purpose.

What length should be dog leash be?
If you want good control over your dog when you go on walks, then the leash should not be more than just under 2 metres (6½ feet) long. A good dog leash is typically made of nylon, leather or another material that is comfortable for your dog.

A dog leash that will suit your dog
Make sure that your dog leash is approriate for your dog. If you have a little toy-dog breed it can be difficult to find a leash that is lightweight and fits well. In this case you may want to make your dog leash yourself. On the other hand, it is not necessary with a dog leash that can hold a horse back if you have a big dog in this case you should address your dog’s pull problem instead.

Retractable dog leash
You can also choose a dog line for your dog, that automatically expands and retracts depending on where the dog is. This gives the dog more leeway and does not create tangling problems for the line. If you have a dog that pulls for most of the walk, it is not a good idea to use such a dog leash. Below we give a few tips on how you can teach your dog to walk properly without pulling on the walk.

Are you being pulled around by your dog?
Many dog owners have a lot of difficulty in controlling their dogs during the walks, especially big strong breeds, which often weighs almost as much as the dog’s owner. You can get far in terms of better control of your dog on walks by using the leash and dog collar as a better tool for this purpose.

Remove the dog’s ability to draw effectively in a good way
Remember that the strongest area of a dog’s neck is the lower part, so it’s not a good idea to have the dog leash attach to the dog’s neck in this area. If you for example watch a sled dog pulling a sled you will see that the harness is attached to the lower part of the sled dog’s neck almost at shoulder height.

This is because the lower part is where the dog has the most pulling power and control. Therefore you can remove much of your dogs potential for pulling if you don’t have a dog collar attached to its lower neck on walks. Therefore it is better to use a leash that is directly attached to the upper part of the dog’s neck instead. This is the dog’s most sensitive part of the neck, so it doesn’t require as much to communicate, guide and correct your dog if the leash is attached there. If you hold the leash in the position that makes sure that the dog’s nose isn’t down at the ground it provides your dog with fewer distractions and is a natural way to give you better control on the walk.

You should of course always have your dog’s safety in mind.

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