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Obama has a dog

During the presidential campaign in 2008 Obama promised his two daughters that they could have a puppy if he became the next U.S. president, as … Read more

Human food is not for dogs

Chocolate, grapes, avocados and some other seemingly harmless food can be harmful and at worst fatal to Fido. In this article we explore some of … Read more

BARF dog diet

The vast majority of dogs are fed dry food. It’s easy, fast and probably sufficient for your pet. However there is an emerging trend of … Read more

Dog training at christmas

When it comes to our four-legged friends, we usually aren’t good enough at setting limits and getting down to business with effective dog training. Even … Read more

Trendy dog clothes

A growing number of dog owners choose to buy dog clothes. Dog clothes usually consists of small dog costumes or different clothing that may have … Read more

Choosing the right dog leash

When it comes to dog accessories, dog collar and a dog leash the first gear a new dog owner become acquainted with. A dog leash … Read more

Mixed breed or purebred

Is it better to stick to choosing a pure breed dog or can it be just as good or better to choose a mutt (mixed … Read more

A puppy’s start in its new home

After careful consideration you and your family have selected your new puppy and it is time for the new four-legged family member to enter your … Read more

Dog crates and boxes

There are many different kinds of boxes for transporting dogs. Some can be installed permanently into a car and others can easily be removed again … Read more

Adopting a dog from a dog rescue shelter

It is a good deed and sometimes very practical to choose an adult dog from a dog rescue shelter rather than to buy a puppy. … Read more
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