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Kobe Bryant’s 5th generation red and blue Bruce Lee color matching Nike successfully responded to Kobe’s challenge with Nike Zoom Kobe V Blue Red. The front foot of this shoe is 1 ounce lighter than Nike Zoom Kobe IV, which is more lightweight and light, and it is also accompanying Kobe to climb to the top again. Meritorious boots.

Jordan low-top white pink candy color AJ1,Air Jordan Sneakers  original  are not developed, original built-in air cushion magic block A model large bottom first layer calf leather, shoe tongue AJ original Oxford cloth + AJ special reverse mouth pearl cloth + original no impurities high Elastic Caspian Sponge + Special Edge Stretch Lace.

2020 Air Jordans,Jordan low-top AJ1 white pink orange purple stitching corduroy goddess color matching bottom injection hole built-in true Sole air cushion. AJ1 low-top classic retro cultural leisure sports basketball shoes “pink blue orange stitching corduroy. Jordan 1 generation first layer leather Lychee pattern genuine standard The box is original and original. The correct version of the original version is perfect. The first layer of leather is different from the special price version.

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