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New Jordan for many sneaker players. The Air Jordan 6 “DMP” in the Air Jordan 6 + 11 DMP set may be back in 2020. Recently, the physical image was released for the first time on the Internet, and the specific release date was confirmed. This is the first re-enactment since the release in 2006, and it is in the form of a solo flight. Judging from the physical map of the exposure, the re-engrave has not changed the material and design of the material. It fully honours the classic, pure black nubble material upper, complemented by gold lettering and shoes, calm and medium With a luxurious temperament. The iconic crystal outsole of the Air Jordan 6 with a black gold midsole presents a unique look. After the first re-enactment of 14 years, I believe that it will pick up a wave of sneakers. Does the engraving of Air Jordan 6 indicate that the Air Jordan 11 may return? Let us look forward to this classic DMP color scheme!

James classic boots LeBron 7 returns after a decade, a recent surprise. As the sale approaches, the re-enactment is exposed in succession. Today, the sneaker photographer gc911 and the sneaker shop atmos brought physical and top-notch photos. This red carpet color matching is one of James’s own match color matching, Nike LeBron 7 Red Carpet with black and white color tone with lake green and red embellishment, elegant yet beautiful. It can be seen that no matter the material or the details, it is the same as the first-year version. Many special materials such as metal are used to embellish the domineering and exquisiteness of the early James boots. The upper is made of Woven woven material, which is more fashionable than the conventional flying thread material, suitable for everyday wear.

Jordans 2019 Shoes brings us the unique sneakers of the Kay Yow “Anti-Breast Cancer” Foundation Each year. In order to commemorate Durant’s death from lung cancer, Aunt Pearl has become an indispensable classic theme in KD shoes. Recently, the network exposed a photo of KD12 “Aunt Pearl” color matching, which was quite eye-catching. As can be seen in the picture, the whole pair of shoes is designed with KD12 as the design, using pink to create exquisite details, with a more eye-catching outsole, perfecting the design of the whole pair of shoes, while demonstrating the charity. The biggest highlight is the “wing” design that covers the upper, and the embroidered details on the tongue. The return of the “wings” element is undoubtedly the biggest surprise. Looking back on the KD “anti-breast cancer” series of shoes, KD 7 and KD 10 both have “wings” elements, which have become the fans of the KD series Shoes.

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