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2019 Sneakers Release has injected new vitality into the sneakers this year. It is also the theme of deconstruction, but the more exaggerated and bold approach makes the Sacai x Nike co-branded series have a very high visual impact. Some time ago, Sacai x Nike LDWaffle released the second wave of color matching, in which the market price of white and black gray color matching approached the 5,000 mark, once again proved its strength to the shoe circle. The two color schemes echoes the second wave of two Sacai x Nike LDWaffle shades, with black and white ash as the main design, and Swoosh, toe and lace hole reinforcements are all decorated with gray, bringing a wealth of Layering. The ultra-multi-layered vulcanized rubber sole is a traditional white design that delivers a superb texture. The body is made of thick, full-leather, plus a double-layered sponge tongue that is perfect for today’s cool weather.

2019 Yeezy Boost Due to the large number of colors, the large volume of goods, and the changes in fashion trends, the Philippine Donglian series has been somewhat depressed since last year. Despite this, Pharrell still has a secret weapon that is hard to refuse. It is the Human Made x Pharrell x adidas tripartite series brought together with Human Made by Nigo. Including Hu NMD, Solar Hu and Tennis Hu, the three co-branded shoes are embellished with a pure white background with red heart embroidery. Human Made appears on the heart of the heart, demonstrating the joint status.

Cheap Jordans 2020,Originally thought that the three SpongeBob X Nike Kyrie 5, which was released before, will become the finale of this generation of Owen’s signature boots. I did not expect another new color-matching network today, which will undoubtedly bring extra surprises! Inspired by the pineapple house where SpongeBob lives, the overall color scheme is presented in a painting style similar to watercolor cartoons. SpongeBob x Kyrie 5 Pineapple House is created with a vibrant pineapple mesh, and the Kyrie 5′s signature flytrap detail is complemented by a tender green color that perfectly restores the look of the pineapple house. Followed by the details of the door handle of the pineapple house in the animation, the details remain silverodeon, the side Swoosh is also interpreted in cartoon style, and finally the ink bottom is finished.

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