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For players who are obsessed with the Air Jordan 1 Hi shoe type, it may be a matter of time to get together the “Gourd Baby” color scheme! Based on the black toe, he madly tested in the palette. In the past two years, the black and red toes, black and purple toes, black and green toes and other colors have been sold, and the long-awaited Air Jordan 1 Mid Black Yellow has been hanged. Everyone’s appetite! In the color scheme, it is exactly the same as several old black toe drivers. The lychee leather upper is complemented by a bright yellow accent that is highly recognizable. The scene of the hurricane rain can be foreseen. The similar tone design makes the shoes have the same impressive value. The toe is made of matte leather, and the texture is outstanding. The difference is that the shoelace is also displayed in the Jumpman Logo.

With the UNDEFEATED joint name and the launch of the Tinker manuscript, the Nike Air Max 90 classic shoe has once again returned to the shoe industry. Recently, the new The Basement co-branded series has been exposed and will be released in October. At the same time, two color schemes were introduced, with gray and white as the main tone, showing a very retro texture. The outsole is made of crystal material and is printed with internal printing. Swoosh uses the recent flaming design of the fire, a total of four spares to replace, creative.

2019 Mens Jordans,The work of Shoe Surgeon a well-known sneaker custom team in Los Angeles, is always memorable. The novelty of creativity, exquisite workmanship, and luxurious materials are displayed on a variety of shoe types, all of which show the unique brand characteristics of Shoe Surgeon. Recently, Shoe Surgeon has a lot of fresh works. What impressed Xiaobian most was the two low-profile Union LA x Air Jordan 1 series. Because these two pairs are original shoes, not customized. Union LA x Air Jordan 1 The waist is cut off, although the temperament is indeed fresh and refined, but the cost of transformation is indeed very expensive. There is also a charcoal black color snake pattern Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1, revealing the ultimate luxury and wild. Air Jordan 1 “SUPERSTITION” with a torn upper, black and red toe on the outer layer and white north card on the inner layer. The value of not tearing is good, and the tearability is also very high. OFF-WHITE x Air Force 1 “MCA” custom, not only replaced the upper leather with crocodile skin, but also changed the Swoosh Logo to snake.

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