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New Jordan designed an exclusive Air Jordan 1 for the American rock band Shinedown, which made many sneaker players smug, but only for relatives and friends, not for sale. The pair of Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Yellow Toe, which has the same color as the exclusive color, has been released for sale this fall, but the latest news said that the shoe will be postponed until 2020. Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Yellow Toe” with a classic black and white background, the bright yellow color constitutes the main color, under the Air Jordan 1 unique retro temperament, the effect of the foot is also very eye-catching. The all-leather body reveals an OG scent, and the familiar texture is endless. The black toe with yellow color creates a contrasting effect, giving a strong visual impact.

The Air Jordan 12 has always been one of the high-end balloon shoes of the Zhengdai series, and the high-priced 6:00 color at the beginning of the year naturally proves this. Looking back at the many classic colors that have been introduced, the most impressive is the Air Jordan 12 “Taxi”, which is also known by the fans as the gold button color. Now the market price of the Air Jordan 12 has reached $500. The higher market price makes many friends who love this shoe only regret to give up. The Air Jordan 12 “Reverse Taxi” is consistent with the Air Jordan 12 “Taxi” in terms of color tone. The body is made of black and white, and the extremely simple contrast style is very eye-catching. The side of the shoe is embellished with a classic gold-tone buckle, adding a touch of luxury to the overall calming style. The tongue part is embellished with a gold font, which echoes the gold buckle on the side of the shoe. The classic Flying Man logo is presented in red embroidery, and the details are very hard. The heel is very similar to the Air Jordan 12 “Taxi”. The square logo with yellow and red colors is very conspicuous. With the red 23 lettering, it has a great year.

Jordans 2019 Shoes has always been inextricably linked to Jordan. He appeared in the Air Jordan 7 ad and appeared in “The Air Dunk”. And this character also has a unique Hare color scheme. I don’t know if it is about to be released soon, and there is a pair of new Bunny shoes, the Air Jordan 6 “Hare”. In fact, as early as three years ago, the renderings have been exposed. It can be seen that the uppers continue to be gray and white, and the iconic color graffiti is incorporated into the tongue. The overall style is quite similar to the classic Air Jordan 7 “Hare”. Although it is a redesigned new color, the overall shape is still quite classic, and the previous Bugs Bunny Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 7 have a good foot effect and high popularity, this AIr Jordan 6 is also worth looking forward to. At present, this color scheme has already made players wait for three years. In fact, overseas players have already been unable to wait for the official launch, and they have created the Bunny Air Jordan 6, which everyone can use as a reference. This custom version of the color scheme is very close to the renderings, the carrot details at the heel are very cute, but I am afraid I will not see such a design in the official version.

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